Convergia Networks is your Leading Next Generation Phone Service Provider for Business and Home Telephone Lines

Convergia is a well known name in the telecommunications industry, with proven experience, expert knowledge and extensive global presence. Convergia was founded in 1998, with a mission of providing the best service and quality in the field of telephone services. Well over a decade later, Convergia has established itself as an innovative, highly regarded company, with branches in more than 10 countries worldwide including the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Chile, Peru, Argentina, Uruguay, and Spain. Convergia serves more than 500,000 clients across the globe, with high quality services and low prices, through innovative products, state-of-the-art equipment, and cutting-edge end-to-end network solutions.

Convergia Networks provides its customers with high quality service, while offering the best prices

Convergia provide a wide spectrum of voice and data service products, including local analog and digital phone lines, long distance, cellular services, hosted PBX, high speed static IP Internet, dedicated PRI and T1 voice circuits, ADSL, MPLS networks, domestic and international toll free, audio and web conferencing, VOIP, SIP trunking, computer softphone, global travel calling cards, and prepaid services. In addition, Convergia offers personalized residential and business solutions, based on individual customer needs and preferences. Convergia recognizes each and every customer is unique, as are their needs. Convergia go the extra distance to better understand each client’s situation and offer solutions.

Convergia provides cheap residential telephone services for local home digital line, long distance and international calls.
Convergia has a full portfolio of phone business plans and packages for business local, long distance and international calling needs.

Convergia Networks – Cheap Unbeatable Home phone plans

Convergia’s residential phone plans are especially designed for the needs of the home customers. Convergia has a variety of plans so that home customers can make local and international long distance calls anywhere in the world, at huge savings, while still enjoying the highest voice and service quality. Popular residential solutions include Long Distance Plans, Home Country Number, and Cellular Long Distance packages. Convergia guarantees the lowest rates available in Canada on all packages of services.

Convergia Networks – Business Solutions

Convergia is committed to meeting the many, multi-faceted needs of businesses. Every company operates differently and we specialize in addressing varying business requirements at all levels. Our broad assortment of business solutions includes Local Phone Lines, Digital Local Phone Lines, Real Private Network, International and Domestic Long Distance, International Calling Cards, Audio and Web Conferencing, Voice and Data Connectivity, Global Toll Free, Executive Connect and Employee Plans, and Hosted/Hybrid PBX. Our services offer the best quality and reliability, and will lower your telephone expenses.

Convergia guarantees the lowest rates while offering high quality and excellent customer service.

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